Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time Travel

Have you ever been late for a meeting, and wished there was some way you could have more time?
Have you ever noticed that when you are really busy, it seems like there is never enough time, and when nothing exciting is going on, or if you're stuck at the red light time seems to slow down?
Time is experienced by the minds perception of internal and external movements.  The sound of your heart beats, and your eyes see the sun changing position in the sky as people walk past you like a swarm of bees rushing against the clock as if their lives depended on it.
Time is a confining prison that we mortals are all bound to from the day we are born.  Every moment of our existence depends on time for survival...Or so it would seem.
Space is something that is difficult to describe.  It's like a man standing behind a curtain.  You can't see the man, no matter how hard you try, and as far as we know the man can't see us.  We humans are all blinded by the curtain of space-time, but if we were able to see the space between space, without time, we would perceive a place of consciousness where every event that has ever happened, ever could have happened, ever will happen, and ever could happen would be knowable by a stream of eternal consciousness.  Thought is not something you can see with your eyes, smell with your nose,  hear with your ears, or touch with your skin.  It is sensed through your mind.  When you think about an experience or an idea in your mind, it is processed and understood in a place outside of time, and from behind the curtain that we will never see.
Now imagine that there are beings that exist without time and behind space that can travel to any place instantly through consciousness....Any place, but the place on the other side of space where we exist, unless they exist by taking possession of the living through the mind. 
Time travel would then be possible by the act of tele-projection through mind. 
Mind for all purposes of this blog article does not pertain to having a brain that is dependent on a body in world that is dependent on time.  Mind is the existence of consciousness.  Consciousness can exist in many forms.  There is animal consciousness, human consciousness, and eternal consciousness.  When we are at peace, in our sleep, or in a meditative state, we can experience glimpses of eternal consciousness, but it is difficult if not impossible to ever possess eternal consciousness.  Eternal consciousness is a continuum of all consciousness with out time, where as other forms of consciousness are confounded to limits of perception in a living body, existing in time.
Like I said before....It is very difficult to explain, and perhaps it is impossible to explain because of the fact that my mind is currently confounded by the limits of time.