Friday, May 29, 2009

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Publication!

The political cartoon I was commissioned to draw for Kyle Newton at Galaxy Web Designs was recently published online. Here is the link:

This is my first of what will be many publications of illustrations I will be doing for the web and for newspapers and magazines.

At some point I hope to have a syndicated comic strip in a newspaper, books and an animated television show. So stay tuned to this blog of Stanimation Productions for the latest news of my career success!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mt.Diablo Landscape Paintings

"A Rainbow On Mt.Diablo"
18" X 14"

This is the 10th of 12 acrylic landscape paintings I have been developing that feature the East Bay's Mt.Diablo. This painting took 3 hours to complete from start to finish, and I have documented my process on video tape. The video will be edited into a 5 minute montage that will give fans of my work a glimpse of how I created this beautiful landscape painting. The video will be viewable for free on Youtube at a later time. There are only 2 more paintings to go. The next one will be another 18" x 14," but the last one will be the grand finale panoramic view painted on a 36" X 48" canvas. These Mt.Diablo paintings have recently gained recognition as my work was mentioned by Associated Content Writer, Ronda Levine published an article mentioning it among other famous artists that enjoy painting Mt.Diablo.
Mount Diablo State Park
This article by Ronda Levine describes Mount Diablo State Park, located in Contra Costa County, California.

See the making of this painting on Youtube:
Painting Mt.Diablo

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Chinese Zodiac Trading Cards

In December 2008, graphic designer Cedric Cheng and I meet at a near by coffee shop to work on a project together. The concept is to create a collectible trading card and market it to potential consumer hot-spots. I volunteered my illustration talent for this project by providing illustrations of all 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, while Cedric worked on the design of the trading card itself.

Introducing The Chinese Zodiac Trading Cards
created by Stan Levine and Cedric Cheng

For more information about Cedric Cheng, check out his website at:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mt. Diablo Landscape Painting Number 9 Completed

"A Path On Mt. Diablo"
18" x 14"
This is the 9th of 12 Acrylic Landscape paintings to feature Mt. Diablo in a series. I began painting number 9 on Thursday, May 7 2009 with a thick coat of Gesso. Then I mixed all the colors I would need before beginning the painting. I added a layer of brown and rendered the trees lines with green. To get the mountain shapes in the distance, I used a dry brush lightly coated in green, then grayish blue, and white. I really enjoy showing the subtleties; like the way the atmosphere reflects its sky blue light in the cast shadows on the ground. I always learn something new about painting as I explore different ways to use my brushes and paints to define light and forms in each painting. As the painting gets closer to completion I stand back try to get a sense of the mood of the painting. I ask myself, "what does this painting need..."
It might be that the shadows need to be darker or lighter, or more of a highlight on the edges of the trees to show that the sun is on them keeping them warm and happy. But if I want to communicate a sense of danger or anxiety in the painting, I might consider a different tactic, such as the way I painted "The Cliff Edge of Mt. Diablo."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mt.Diablo Painting # 7 of 12 Completted

The Cliffs Edge of Mt.Diablo
24" x 30"

I started out with a thick layer of gesso. Then I covered the whole canvas with a light viscosity of cobalt blue, medium gray, and a little titanium white. Then I blocked in the land formations by adding orange to the blue, and green mixed with gray and a touch of yellow. Once this completely dried, I blocked in the foreground cliff edge shape in a light brown color, and gradually added more shapes in from lightest to darkest. The little rocks and fine details were finessed in last. I always begin every painting with big, general, non-specific shapes, and work gradually into more specific shapes. Every Mt. Diablo painting was painted using a photo reference that provided by my beloved wife, Ronda.
Ronda Levine has superb eye for color and composition. I often consult with her on my work, and she always provides me with a brutally honest critique of my work. I see constructive criticism as something that can be hurtful at times, but in the long run it is a priceless gift to the artist that strives to achieve a masterpiece of perfection. Visit:
to see Ronda's website and learn more about how she can help you with her talents as a writer/research specialist and editor.