Friday, June 1, 2012

New Beginings

For a short while I had recently spent a time in solitude. I meditated, practiced yoga, painted, and made lots of progress on a comic book that I have been working on since 2010. I also folded origami, made balloon sculptures, and paper crafts. Then I started to feel like the more time I spent by myself the more isolated and a feeling of being separated from the rest of the world emerged. I had created a prison for myself. I lost my inspiration, and stopped creating art. I began to actively seek a place in the world working with people. I started volunteering and working a part time job. This involvement with people in the world triggered a personal Renaissance. An expansion of consciousness; an awakening of spirit was born from ashes of the past. I started thinking of the rules of 3. I say rules, because in the Wiccan religion it is said that the rule of 3 is that what ever energy you emit into the world returns back to you 3 fold. Another rule of 3 applies to the cycle of change, and what I say here is not something I read but wisdom that I've obtained through much personal struggle. Birth, death, and rebirth. Water, gas, ice. These are the eternal states of change. Without change there would be no growth, and without growth spirit could not exist. Spirit thrives through the dance of change. In landforms we see depressions and from depressions a terrace forms into a mountain and from volcanic eruptions or erosion a mountain falls back into depression. Each wave of energy has a high point and a low point. Just as warmth transforms ice to gas, so can time, love, and compassion for others dissolve anger and hatred. Feelings are the many manifestations of spirit, and they are always changing. So when you feel down know that change is near. Something new is always forming. All change is a divine gift from the infinite. We don't always understand why things happen to us. Sometimes it may seem totally unfair, as if the universe is plotting against us. We can even get paranoid and create opposition for ourselves. When we turn against ourselves we contract into our small selves, isolating ourselves apart from the divine gifts the universe is always offering. When we advocate for ourselves and others we are unified with all life and love fills us everywhere. In life, shit happens. It hurts, but it then something good comes along and there is release. Namasday, Stanimation Productions