Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fiction Friday Challenge #122 Picture Prompt

Fiction Friday Challenge #122: Picture Prompt: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

It was a calm sunny day that dwindled away they way ice cream melts in your bowl. What was once solid and full of texture became a sweetened liquid stagnant without motion. All the townspeople turned off their lights, and tucked the young into little beds. Just as Papa closed his eyes to rest for the night he heard a howl of wind rush up against the windows. It whistled and rattled around the house like an angry demon looking for a way in. One by one, the lights of the town turned back on illuminating a soft yellow glow from each of the little houses of this once sleepy quiet town. The wind danced and raced around the stars and through the sky like wild kittens at play. The towns people watched from their windows with growing curiosity. The dogs barked and a child's frightened eyes peered cautiously out from under the shelter of his mothers arms held tightly around his fragile body.


  1. I like this one, it's almost like a prose poem. nice going!

  2. Cool. Good start to short story.


  3. Metaphors give such texture and a fuller meaning to stories and I adored your first line with the icecream.
    A sweet response to the painting heralding perhaps some disaster or impending doom. A good start to an interesting story.
    Each week I also rise to an additional challenge to the prompt on Friday Ficiton - that to explore a different genre or writing style. This week I visit Survivalist Fiction.