Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I'm Working On This Week

I started this week out by copying an illustration from "The Art of Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones," written by Mark Cotta Vaz using prismacolor pencils. This graphite illustration depicts a scene from the planet Kamino: Tipoca City. The original illustration I copied from was created by Erik Tiemens. The book specifies the scene number as "scene/s: 061/062", and it is on page 60 and 61 of the book. I have always been a Star Wars fan. I have collected all of the main character action figures. At one time, I had them glued to the dashboard of my car. I guess I was that much of a geek! When Star Wars Episode I the Phantom Menace was released back in 1999, I was one of those idiots ( and I use the term idiot endearingly here :-) ) standing there in the sun in a line half way around the block, waiting to get tickets for myself and my family. One thing about Star Wars I've learned that not everyone knows about is that the scream of the storm trooper who gets shot by Hans Solo on Endor, in Return of the Jedi, was used again and again in a large variety of feature films. That scream has become an inside joke at ILM among the sound designers. I like to occasionally copy Star Wars art as a way of studying that genre of art. Who knows...Maybe someday I'll have a job drawing for Lucas. One thing you should definitely know is that I don't sell my Star Wars art. It is strictly displayed on the internet as a way of keeping potential employers up to date with my progress as an artist. I'm just trying to show that I can draw in a variety of styles, so basically this is just fan art.
Ok, the next thing I want to share with you all is some caricatures I've done this week.

This is a caricature of Tim Allen. You know the guy from that TV show, Home Improvement. The hand holding the wrench looks a little crazy, but isn't that what caricatures are all about?
Finally, I have one last project to show you. This is a work in progress.
Wow! Cool huh? This graphite value study took three hours, and I rendered it from life! I usually just use photographs that my wife takes on our vacations to do my landscape paintings, or stuff from magazines or concept art books to do my sketches. I really enjoy drawing from life, because I think it captures something that I would not otherwise be able to notice about the subject. I plan on developing this further into an acrylic painting, using my value study and a photo reference. While I like to draw from life, I prefer to paint from photo references, because the subject never stays completely still, and the lighting can sometimes change.
Once I complete the painting, I'll upload it so you can see.

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