Saturday, March 7, 2009

Art Commissions

By Stan Levine

There are many reasons to purchase custom made art from Stan Levine. Maybe you are decorating your home, and need a custom made painting. Using provided swatches, Stan can paint something that will go nicely with the decor of your home. Maybe you are an art collector. Originals of Van Gogh, or Renoir are very hard to find, an very expensive. Stan can paint an interpretation of any painting using acrylic on your choice of canvas. Maybe you just want something special done to show them how much you care. Stan is a talented generalist. He is proficient with a variety of traditional mediums and software.
Here are some work samples and testimonials:
Dave Hill is a client of Stan Levine, sole proprietor of Stanimation Productions. Dave is a collector of paintings and art work featuring "Rita," from the animation Jungledyret Hugo.
He asked me if I could paint this collectible work of "fan art," and I got it done in less than a month. When Dave received his art commission, he responded back by e-mail "Stan, I have received my painting, and would like to thank you again, you have done an EXCELLENT job man. I will be proud to display this and tell people that my friend created it. Splendid work Stan. Thank you."

The very next month, I got an e-mail from Andrea Van Petegham, who asked me to create this (above, left) charcoal drawing for an Oakland Police Officer who had lost his partner in battle. The title for this custom art work is "Never Forgotten." When Andrea received her commissioned art work, she e-mail me back with these words: "Hi Stan, I just wanted to let you know that I got the drawing, looked great! Thanks again, Andrea."
It might be a painting to help balance the decor of your home, a drawing of your favorite comic hero or celebrity, or just something small like a greeting card to let someone know you care in your own way, or a business card design that will stand out and get people you meet to remember you and what you can do for them. Whatever the reason, Stan Levine can accommodate your needs with his highly trained, skillful artistic abilities.
You might be wondering, if Stan is so skilled, why doesn't he work for Pixar/Disney?
Pixar and Disney are mainstream entertainment studios that provide art that has a commercial interest. I, Stan strive to provide art to represent us as real human beings, not commercial puppets to be pushed and pulled by the strings of endorsed product placement. I am in business for the general public. Commercial art has a tendency to be redundant in nature due to its formulaic methods that were developed by tight pocketed unimaginative business people.
I run my own business as a freelance artist to manage my time as I see fit, to provide each client with a hand crafted unique product that stands out from the ordinary.

By now you are probably utterly bored or completely fascinated.
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