Monday, April 27, 2009

Mt.Diablo Paintings

This is a work in progress called "Foliage Against Sunlight." For the most part, I consider this painting finished, except for one area where the paint got a little too drippy. The dripping paint technique is meant to hint at the subtleties of the way the tiny twigs intertwine with each other off the branches in the distance. While Leonardo De Vinci would have taken the time to graphically illustrate every twig in the woods, I have a more impressionistic approach in my paintings. My philosophy is that it would be more more effective in our modern times to take a high resolution photograph than to attempt the time staking task of painting every twig in the woods. The brush strokes and various inventive techniques I use in my paintings hint at details. They capture an essence of the subject matter in a way that is interesting to look at.

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