Monday, April 27, 2009

Mt.Diablo Paintings

This painting is called "A View of Mt.Diablo" (18" x 14.") This is a finished landscape painting of Mt.Diablo from a bench on top of a hill near by in the town of Lafayette.
This is one of 12 landscape paintings that feature Mt. Diablo with acrylic on canvas. These paintings are worth thousands of dollars, but you can buy a poster print for $40.00 with free shipping. Visit for more information.

A Street View On Mt. Diablo Boulevard
24" x 3-0"
If you've ever driven to Walnut Creek from Highway 24 East, then you've probably been here before. Massive concrete shapes ominously hover over us on stilts. A dry Mt. Diablo stands in the distance begging for rain as cars swarm back and forth into the dusk of a slow and dramatic sunset.

Clouds Over Mt. Diablo
18" x 14"

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