Monday, April 27, 2009

What is Stanimation Productions???

I am a fine artist that dapples in commercial art every now and then. My paintings serve to enlighten your surroundings wherever you may be...In the office, they may help promote teamwork, determination and hard work, and at home a sense of peace of mind, rest, love, and harmony with family and community. As a commercial artist, communication and entertainment are the purpose of my creative work. Animation can provide you with a way to create effective training videos, tell your story, share a joke, or send that special greeting card to a friend. Illustration can help you advertise your products in a unique and effective way, putting you above your competition. Caricatures at parties entertain the masses. Books and magazines can become more vivid and stunning with the perfect drawings. Comics are a great way to share humor with loved ones.

My name is Stan Levine, and I am the sole proprietor of Stanimation Productions. I am a multi-talented freelance artist capable of providing you with all of the above services mentioned. My prices are friendly and affordable.

Learn more about how Stanimation Productions can enlighten your world.


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