Monday, August 10, 2009

Ninjas At The Opera II

Hello. My name is Adam Rock. I'm a computer programmer who just witnessed my wife, Celcelia kidnapped by ninjas at an opera. It's about 11:30pm now, and I just got a text message instructing me to go to the corner of 10th and Howard Street or the next time I see my wife could be in a body bag surrounded by police. Celcelia works for a secret task force team in the U.S Military. She is a highly skilled soldier, but it seems that her identity has been compromised as she has just been abducted by what I suppose are some of her competitors from her job. "Why couldn't I have married a doctor, or someone who lives a less risky life style?" The thought flies through my mind. "Cause then you'd be board in your cubical, living your fantasy life through video games....That and the fact that she has a rock'in tight body!" I get to my car. She's a black Suberu Impreza. She's not the fastest car, but she's got torque and she turns like she's on rails. I turn my key, and she fires up, like a demon waking up from the dead. The opera is all the way across town from 10th and Howard, so I've got to step on it. The wheels spin a little before bolting out of the garage so fast, the car lifts up into the air about half a foot. Oncoming traffic honks and wheels lock, sending white smoke and the smell of burning rubber into the warm summer night air. I turn, and the whole car drifts sideways, but I never loose control. There's some traffic up ahead, so I have to drive up on the side walk and run over a whole bunch of chairs and tables seated outside of a restaurant. A police car observes this from the other side of the street. I see its lights lite up like a Christmas tree in my side view mirror. I turn down an alley near 10th and Howard and stop. I climb up on top of my car, and up on a latter on an apartment building. I find an open window along side of the latter, so I jump out to it, and climb up and through it. A young couple are making out on a red leather couch. "Don't mind me, I'm just walking through!" I shout out as I leave their apartment. 10th and Howard is just on the other side of this building. I take the stairs down to the ground floor. I open the door slowly to scope out the scene. A dark shape moves in the corner of my eye. Something hits my head, and everything goes black. In the darkness of my unconsciousness I hear voices....
"Tell me where the nuclear missiles are or your husband dies."
"They are heavily guarded, so even if I tell you it won't make any difference."
"You're going to help me Mrs. Rock, or my minions will torcher you."
"Go ahead and torcher me. I will never succumb. "
"As you wish..."
There is a silence.
My eyes start to lift. At first everything is bright and blurry, and the room is spinning. Then, gradually the room comes into focus. I am on a cement floor, and Celcelia is tied to a wooden chair. There is a white table in front of the room, and a mirror on the wall. Our captor is dressed in black robes. He is studying the contents of a case on the table in front of him. He walk over to my wife with a shot to drug her. Gunshots echo from somewhere outside the room. The ninja stops in his tracks. He unsheathes his sword, taps a few of the numbered keys on a console on the wall. The door unlocks, and he exits the room. I stand up, and untie my wife. We kiss. It feels good. Real good. Like the first time.
"I love you.." It escapes from my lips.
"I love you too!" She answers. "Are you okay?" She asks.
"I am now."
"I want you so bad..."
There are more gun shots, and sounds of fighting outside the room. We start making out, and wind up on the table making hot passionate love. The sound of people on radios are heard just outside the door.
"Is there anyone in there?" A woman's voice shouts.
The table is making pounding noises on the ground from the passion of our love dancing.
"No, that's just the sound of my jack-hammer!" I joke.
My wife breaks up into hysterical laughter. I can feel her body bounce as she laughs. I am so turned on.
"Well....Stop jack-hammering. We're coming in!"
There is a bang on the door and several people in SWAT gear barge in.
Someone on a radio announces that the area is secure.
We're safe....For now.

The End

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