Friday, October 16, 2009

Fiction Friday Challenge #122

[Fiction] Friday Challenge #128 for October 30th, 2009

A couple of adults get dressed up for some Halloween fun but the night doesn’t go as planned…

I remember when I was 19 years old some friends came over to my parents house to party. We played Dungeons and Dragons and drank shots of Tequila. My dad was worried that the police would arrest him, but my mom was like hell it's Holloween, let the boys have some fun. Then we went out to the local cafe. One of Dave's friends drove my car, and I was in the back rocking my head like I was at a rock concert to some alternative rock station. Everything was all blurry, and they thought it was cool that I was drunk. I had never been that drunk before in my life. When we got there, my friends were out in the middle of the street directing the traffic. I was seeing doubles, and had to sit down. My head felt like a watermelon that could not balance on my shoulders. I put my head down in my arms on the table thinking that I could just pass out for the night here, but even though my eyes were closed I could still feel the world spinning. I felt like I was being flushed down a black hole. The spinning kept getting faster and faster until I just had to open my eyes again to get it to slow down. At some point I just knew that I was going to puke, so I got up and made a mad staggered rush for the bathroom in the cafe. Brown bile spilled out of my gullet into the toilet below me. I was on the floor now. My body was numb. I didn't care what was on the floor. My life was over now. I was so drunk and sick, I thought I might die. The door flew open and everyone was standing there shouting PUKE! PUKE! PUKE! I was touched that my friends thought I was cool for puking. I was glad that I could provide entertainment for them. I stared into the toilet water looking for answers as to what my destiny would be. I began to hallucinate. There were little animated cartoon men dancing around the bathroom, and in the toilet water a reflection of God appeared. In my head I could hear him speak. He said that I need to be careful about the decisions I make. That the course I am going is not where I am supposed to be. Then everything went dark, until I woke up the next evening on the couch of Dave's apartment. "It's about time you woke up man. We thought you were in a comma or something. Scared the sh*t out of us." I was alright...I thought. I went to the bathroom to put some cold water on my face. I looked in the mirror. My skin was pale. "Here man," Dave said. "Have some of this." He had made some Top Romin. Eating would be good. I felt better after. Everyone was smoking. I knew I shouldn't smoke, but I liked having friends that thought I was cool. It would be cool to smoke. Smoking was cool. I took that first cigarette that day, and lit it up with a Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter. It made a cool sound when the lid flew open. It was like a sword being unsheathed for battle, before the flame jumped up with a WOOSH. The paper crackled and turned bright orange, as I inhaled my first drag. The smoke invaded my lungs like a blanket being stuffed down my throat. I coughed for a few minutes. My friends laughed and took their drags all cool without coughing. I vowed to myself that one day I would be able to smoke as cool as them. Then a short fat woman took my arm, and forced me to make out with her. All the guys were watching. If I pushed her away, I would look gay, so I had to go all the way with her. She took me to her room. Their were candles everywhere. She was actually beautiful in the dark with the candles lighter up her skin all golden brown. Her head went down on my neck, and I felt pain. I tensed up, and endured for the sake of maintaining my cool. When she came back up to look at me, there was blood dripping from her mouth. She backed away naked and laughing. She was a vampire! I could see her sharp fangs, and she laughed at me pointing at me as if to remark at how innocent I was. I groaned and closed my eyes to sleep it off. The next evening I woke up on the couch again. My parents must have been worried sick about me. I looked for a phone around the apartment, but there was none in sight. All I saw were empty cigarette boxes, beer cans, and wine bottles all over the floor and counter tops. The place seem to be empty except for one man. He had long dark hair, and wore leather. With an out stretched hand holding a box of Marlbro Reds, he offered me a cigarette. I took one, and he lit it up. I didn't cough this time. "You've come a long way bro." The biker remarked. "Come on. I want to show you something." I followed him out to the parking lot where he stopped to stand by the coolest motorcycle I had ever seen. It was all black and shimmery, with Japanese letters near the speedometer. "What does that mean?" "It means warrior." He remarked. He offered me a helmet. I strapped it on. The bike started up with a roar. "Have you ever ridden before?" "No." I remarked. "Hold on tight, and what ever you do, keep your feet on the foot pegs." "Ok." The world blazed back as cold air rushed in through the helmet. My body was shaking with adrenaline. There was a tall bearded man on the street giving us the middle finger. We stopped. The biker drop kicked him in the chest, and the bearded man hit the ground with a thud. "Kick him." The biker advised me. "I don't want to." "Don't be a wuss." I didn't want to look weak in front of a warrior. We beat the man to death and drank his blood.
All this from one drink of alcohol. Let this be a lesson to all of you. Drink responsibly, and remember: It's not about being cool. It's important to be you, and stick to what you know is right.

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