Monday, December 14, 2009

The Everly Brothers Caricature

This is a caricature I, Stan Levine did of the Everly Brothers. I do illustrations for comic books, magazines, or even party events for very affordable prices. If you are an employer for a magazine or book, and are looking to hire an illustrator, I will actually do one illustration for FREE, as long as my work is going to be published either in a magazine, book or website. I value the exposure people out there give me of putting my work out there for people to see. Party Events are a hassle. I enjoy working in the comfort of my home, but for party events I sometimes have to drive an hour a way. For that reason I charge $50/hr to do caricatures for party events plus a $50 travel fee if I half to travel half an hour out of my way. If you're someone who would really like to have a custom portrait or caricature of yourself, or a friend, but don't have all that much money to spend, you can e-mail me a jpg file. Then I can just use that to draw your portrait for the bargain price of just $10. You can use your credit card on Paypal, where I will instantly be able to receive your payment.

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