Sunday, January 24, 2010

Concept Art

Here are some new illustrations I've been working on for a fundraiser. They are design concept drawings for a sign that will say "Hurricane Bar."

The fundraiser is Mardi Gras Night. The sign will be made from a light weight, sturdy material like foam core, and suspended over a table where drinks will be served to participants of the fundraiser. Here is a 3D view of the sign that shows its dimensions:

The proposed dimensions are 6 feet long by 3 feet wide and 1 foot high. It is estimated to weigh about 4 lbs. I'm thinking a strand of 8 Gage wire (thin) woven through the base should be sturdy enough to hang the sign from against a small finishing nail in the wall.
Here is a sketch that shows how I propose to build this sign in steps:

The first drawing on the upper left shows the base of the structure. The upper right shows how a 1 foot foam core wall will be built to be glued around the base. The lower left shows how an artist's blade or craft knife can cut through the first layer of foam in the foam core which will allow the board to bend. The closer the cuts are to one another the more flexibility the foam core will have to bend around the rounded edges of the base. The lower right illustration shows the wall glued to the base. Then internal wall are build inside to create negative shapes that reveal the letters of the words "Hurricane Bar." Then a small battery operated light is used to illuminate the sign; giving it a neon look. Blue tissue paper will then be carefully glued on top, over the walls. When the light shines against the paper, it will glow blue from the outside of the sign. I may want to paste the tissue paper over a foam core frame; giving the sign a service door so that the light can be turned off and on again without having to rip and repair the sign.
I have really enjoyed the creation process for this sign, so if you would like me to make a sign like this for you please let me know.
I am also interested in doing concept deigns for things like tree fortresses, Japanese Gardens, time machines and space crafts for movies. So if you are a movie producer and have a need for that sort of illustration work please let me know.

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