Friday, January 29, 2010

Drawing Tutorials

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw, but never thought you had the patience?
Well, now you can learn to draw the easy way for free!
On my new website at I have a blog all on creating things by Stan Levine. My first drawing tutorial will show you how to draw this spider!
I plan on developing my drawing tutorials further. In my next tutorial I will be showing my step by step process for how to draw in perspective. I will start with the fundamentals of drawing, and gradually build your confidence and your skill up to being able to draw anything you want.
Remember, drawing takes patience, time and focus. You may not be able to draw what you want over night, no matter how many tutorials you read on the internet. It takes experience and dedication to develop the artistic skills needed to draw what you want. In my drawing tutorials, I explain the psychology of drawing. It is very difficult in not impossible to draw specific things the way you want them to look when you are upset. You have to have a clear and focused mind to draw something accurately. When you are upset, the best thing to do is to take a break, and do something that gives you pleasure. maybe put on your favorite song and dance, go for a walk around town, or a drive to the hills. Give yourself time to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Once you find your happy place, you can begin to draw again. If you are beginner at drawing, I recommend drawing circles. Try drawing circles of different variations. Draw ovals, ellipses, and peanut shapes. Then draw spheres, cones, cylinders, pipes and cubes. From those basic shapes you can sketch just about anything. Once you have mastered drawing the basic shapes and can visualize them from any point of perspective I think you will find that the confidence in your drawing will increase.
I've been working on my drawing since I was a child. When I was about ten years old, I attending drawing classes around the community. One of my classes was taught by the famous cartoonist Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick. I also took a life drawing class at the Lyndsey Wild life museum, where the children gathered around live animals to draw them. Later on in my career as an artist, I attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland. It was there that I studied drawing under Eleanor Dickinson. After I graduated from CCAC, I attended the Academy of Art University where I studied under Ruben DeAnza, and studied animation from Jason Patnode, Linda Bell and Misha Klein.

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