Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

An entire year has passed.  So much has happened.  I have learned that we never stop learning.  I enrolled in a drawing class with Mura White.  Here is an example of my class work:
I am so please with the way this one turned out.  Working with color pencils I rubbed in several layers of color.  There is no black or white in this drawing.  To get darker hues blue, green and red were used.  Rubbing the graphite in, and erasing with a battery operated technical eraser I created the feathers and texture of the branch the bird stands on.  This drawing took about 9 hours to complete from start to finish.
Last year I explored my talent in many areas.  I learned about origami, and made many sculptures out of different kinds of paper.  Here is a sample of my origami:
It's a zebra.  The cool thing about origami is I can take it anywhere.  I can be on a bus, a plane or a train, and as long as I have paper folded away in my pocket I can create something interesting for someone to enjoy.  Children love action models like the barking dog, the jumping frog, or the bird that flaps its wings when you pull on the tail.  I experimented with balloon sculpting, but I couldn't stand the squeeky noise and the popping when I put too much pressure on the balloon.  Here is a sample of something I sculpted from a balloon:
This is one green 360 balloon.  I began with 2 bubbles for eyes, and a lock twist for the head.  Then flower pedaled in the legs and feet.  I followed video tutorials on Youtube to learn origami and balloon sculpting.
I also explored cooking.  I learned to make Sausage Chicken Jambalaya, Chicken Chowmien,Thia Cashew Chicken, and many others.  Here is a photo of a Cherry Pie I made:
The cherries were hand picked from a farm in Brentwood California.  I picked out the seeds and stems, and heated them up in a pan.  When the juices surfaced, I added some corn starch and sugar.
A ready made Gramcracker crust holds the cherry mixture.  I used Pillsberry dough for the crust.  I think a home made crust would taste better, but I have not yet perfected crust yet.
My most recent cooking discovery has been Lasagna Tacos.  I know it sounds bizarre, but if you think about it, it makes sense.  Lasagna is meat and cheese.  Tacos is meat and cheese, but when you add in the layers of ricotta cheese and pasta and stuff it in a taco shell it is very tasty!

When I saw the new year approaching, I got into meditation.  In the stillness of mind, I cultivated the patience and discipline needed to focus on one type of art to specialize in.  I decided that while I am an unusually talented artist it will take longer to be successful if I don't focus on one area.  It has been a long awaited dream to be a successful freelance artist, and by the word successful I mean being able to support myself from the sales of my artwork.  The area I am focusing in on is traditional illustration.  Making time to draw everyday, weather it be a caricature for a friend or client, a comic book, or class work, it all serves to push my drawing skills up to the next level.  Accepting all of the challenges along the way, and facing them one at a time from a place of inner peace has helped me to stay focused, and proactive with my work.

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